Monday, July 16, 2012

Are diamonds a girl´s best friend?

Have you got a bijou collection? Are you using just a few pieces which ALWAYS get tangled?
Some people say "Diamonds are a girl´s best friend" and some even sing it. I´d say plastic bubbles too. ;) And also wood, rhinestones, marble and papier mache. Maybe you can think of some other materials as well. Oh, yes! Fabric and felt!

This week we will be sorting our necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Make three groups: to keep, to give away, to craft with.
Next Friday: a creative project to use bits and pieces we won´t use as bijou any more. :)


misteejay said...

I really must sort out my jewellery - I tend to stick to a few pieces because I can't easily find what I'm looking for. A must reason for having a sort out.

Toni xx

Gloria said...

It's a great idea. I don't have "real" jewels, just "make-believe." tee hee. I paint a lot of bangles but those don't last. They get sold, traded, or just given away. Great idea you have. Have a wonderful week.

Carolyn Dube said...

Can't wait to see what you create!

Anne said...

Lovely fabric goodies!! Who needs diamonds??


I seem to simply be creating more and more disorganization and chaos right now. Eventually I'll get organized. Glad you're still going strong!

Kelly M said...

I think it's great fun to take apart pieces I don't wear anymore and repurpose the pieces.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

this one is going to take some patience... I have a habit of grabbing two earrings and putting them on whether they match or not and blame not having my glasses on... if I sort them out I won't have that excuse anymore!!!!

collectingyourself said...

LOVE these. They make me happy!


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