Monday, July 09, 2012

Create Space Project #2: bills and scraps of paper

Last week I started with a series of small guided projects to declutter our spaces. The first step was to look for dry pens and markers around the house (and the office).
Today we will focus on paper.
At home? Here´s an example of our place: 

Under the stairs we have a school corner. It´s not a working space but a storage one. Here we keep the backpacks and the notebooks and books that don´t need to be taken to school that day. One pile of paper for each child and one for me. Let´s take a closer look. Paid bills, magazine for collage, notebooks, scraps of paper ... 
Project to create free space this week. With the same method as last week (one room per day) we´ll go around the house gathering papers without a proper home like bills and scraps of paper.
Another place you´ll find papers at our home: under the key tray.
Tip: a tray for ALL the family´s keys is a time saver for last minutes dashes out. You know the type, when one of the family members enrole everybody´s help to find their own keys.

Can you identify which is the biggest "paper attractor spot" of the house?


Ginny said...

Love how you are working through this. Your house already looks very organized so this should be like icing on the cake.

misteejay said...

That is all looking very organised Paula.

Toni xx

Karen Smithey said...

Paper is my nemesis! I have trouble throwing a cool piece of trash away, as I 'might' use it in a collage!


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