Friday, August 03, 2012

Full Moon Board: Slouch vs. Sleek

August 2nd, Full Snow Moon for the Southern Hemisphere. Time to make our Full Moon Boards. To know more about the process you can read this guide by creative coach Jamie Ridler.
For the past two years I have been using the current issue of the local Oh La La! magazine to gather the images. 
This month I immediately discovered the background on the left hand side. So very me. And on teh following page the next one (on the right) which felt a bit "too much" but still ...
I kept adding images and a theme began to be seen.
Slouchy tendencies on the left (my A side) and sleek on the right (my B side as I make both sides of the page for the same month). 
 I found a "Buenos Aires" (my city is big, for some reason the BA sign felt small) and a "Planet" (remember my word for 2012 is Expand? ) Shared well being on the left. Safe and confident on the right.
Somehow it felt like my old self and a new (improved) one.
 Ok, I said. I´m listening. Send me one more block to wrap things up.
Next page: Try with something Better. Even a hand pointing at it!!! Roflol. *giggle* *snort*
 Final Side A: love Buenos Aires // Finding wellbeing is better when shared//a blue bird (I´m planning on starting using my Twitter account this month) // a kitchen // Lucky poems book with cat // long droopy dresses
 Final SIde B: Feel safe and confident whatever happens // Planet// a bath // Try with something Better // chic hipster dresses
You can share you dreamboard at Jamie´s post for this month.


misteejay said...

What a wonderful collection of images Paula.

Thank you for your lovely email - I would love to join you and contribute to your Friday creativity but for the life of me I can't think what I could share with you that would fit the bill.

Toni xx

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great board. May all your dreams come true.

Carolyn Dube said...

Your board is fabulous-thanks for explaining it all. I haven't done one but I am getting closer after this post!

Helen said...

Great to see your new board, and wonderful to know you keep doing these with each moon cycle. Have fun expanding with your dreams!

collectingyourself said...

Love the board, Paula! I love all the clothes. Fun!


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