Monday, August 27, 2012

Stacks and stacks

Each Monday this month I bring you a task to organize your spaces and each Friday something practical for storage or crafty for recycling.

During August we´ve been decluttering our audiovisual collections: photographs, cds, dvds and now it´s the turn for the magazines.

TASK FOR THIS WEEK: go through your magazines. Donate/recycle at least a third of them. Planning on selling some? Give yourself a deadline. If they are not published by September 10th they need to go the recycling way. That way you will not end up with a pile of magazines by the computer waiting for their turn on your to do list and becoming a hazzard.

What´s left of my UK collection
When we lived in the UK I used to buy a ton of mags. Needlecraft, Cross Stitcher and Options every month plus a decoration one (different ones each month) and a check out gossip one from time to time. Daniel went for cars, bikes & business ones. When Mati was on his way I added Parents and some others. I have already decluttered those to the minimum expression.

I´ve been buying a magazine a month here for my Fullmoon boards with canadian coach Jamie Ridler for the past four years. That is a lot of magazines. Time to declutter them again. No more saving them for the day I host a vision boards tea with my friends.

You see, that´s the mindset that gets me cluttered. The "saving for". An event that may never come. If it ever does ... I´ll handle it then. :D

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misteejay said...

Last year I managed to use a lot of my magazines to make Christmas trees - I found some instructions whilst blog hopping and some youtube videos showing how...I even had Mum making them.

Toni xx


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