Monday, September 17, 2012

Some packaging changes

A few weeks ago I noticed some changes in the food packaging at the supermarket:

One that really surprised me for it´s crafting consequences was the jell-o and crème caramel ones. No more cardboard boxes!!! Just when I had decided that I wouldn´t keep any packaging "just in case" unless I had a project in mind!
I NEEDED a project to use my boxes. That is exactly when I saw Tracey Grundy´s article in Card Making and Papercraft magazine on upcycling with odds and ends: a beautiful project featuring an empty cereal box. I wrote to her asking about the piece and she gracefully wrote instructions for us to make one. Come next Friday to read them, they are very easy to follow and the end result is absolutely beautiful!

Each Monday I bring you a task to organize your spaces and each Friday something practical for storage or crafty for recycling.


Tracey said...

Ooh I can't wait to see what I wrote(?)!!!!! Thanks for having me Paula.
Tracey x

Sian said...

Sounds good. I always have trouble getting rid of cardboard, even if I am recycling it. Upcycling would be better!

Carolyn Dube said...

I hate that when they change the boxes so that they don't work as well for my projects. You've definitely hooked me to see what you'll have up here with them next time!!

Lynn Stevens said...

looking forward to your up coming recycling!
hugs Lynn


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