Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon Monday

Every month images of shoes are displayed prominently in my Full Moon Boards though I don´t as much as you´d think from them.
These are my new summer shoes that I got for Mother´s Day on the 21st.
With my "one in, one out" policy I needed to choose which pair had to go. Plus I rallied Tati to clean her gym shoes collection.

* choose which shoes are umcorfortable. They need to go!
* check the soles. Are they even? If not, send them to be rapaired
* check the laces. Are they thinner at some point? Replace them.
* check the shoe shine (now you are humming Gorillaz´s song).

Have you ever used the crumpled newspaper paper inside the shoes to mold them trick?
Of course you could use a shoe tree, and talking about those next week Vani from Ayloviú shows us some intervened shoe trees for charity.


Ginny said...

I love the one in one out way of doing things. My closet, especially the shoes, are on my list of things to tackle this week. All of the shoes I never wore all summer will be gone by tomorrow.

Sian said...

Yes, I like that newspaper trick, especially for long boots..though when I decide to wear a pair I leave the bedroom floor littered with little bits of newsprint..

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I think one in one out is a great idea, I don't do it as often as I should, but I think it's smart.

Anonymous said...

Your new shoes sure look fun. And I love the concept of one in, then one out. We have piles of old shoes we just don't wear! I did revive two pair of boots this fall, though, with new soles and new heels. Very happy about that! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shionge said...

One In One cool is that and I think I really need to be discipline when it comes to not just shoes but clothes :D

Love the colour :D

Anne said...

What fun shoes! I need to go through mine. I'm keeping some that are really too worn to wear and some that are much too uncomfortable. Thanks for the reminder!!


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