Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AEDM Day #28 What clarity do you wish for?

For Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas I´m posting my working table and finished layout from the day before:
Oops! Another "after" shot. I tidy away after each layout set.
 For her 11th birthday Tati asked for a hairdressers hair do. It was fabulous!
 Today ofr WIshcasting Wednesday Jamie asks What clarity do you wish for?
I wish for clarity on what I want to spend my time and how to manage it.
For example, today this was my main task for the day, the ironing mountain:
 I spent FOUR hours to make it look like this. You can see my layouts waiting at the back. *sigh*
Sometimes I clean (cook/go grocery shopping/do the laundry/hang the laundry/iron/cook/bake/do the dishes/scrub the toilets/you get my drift...) and think "What´s the point?" but then again I download/edit/write posts/get mails/cut/glue/embellish and feel antsy as I could be doing the housechores.
I need clarity on what my goal is, what is the core mission.

GIVE AWAY news: as part of my plan for next year I need to know who I´m writing for and as a thank you for your participation here I´m putting together a package with local fliers, pages from magazines and books, great for art journalers.

What do you have to do? Simple: leave me a comment to know you are here. :) I´ll add you to a list and I´ll select one winner by one of those random apps on November 30th

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Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Clarity on you goal, that's good. As Paula wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Ginny said...

As Paula wishes for herself, I wish for her as well.


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