Monday, December 03, 2012

First week of Advent

In this first week of Advent I want to focus on 4 areas. I will keep the areas but change the focus for each week of the season. :) Want some organizative structure with good spiritual intentions? I´m your girl. :D

Intention: LOVE
I set my intentions based on the candle liturgy concept but mixing them up a bit. For me, Love comes first. Love is behind everything. Starting by Love, everything else will fall into place. Choose Love every day.

Decoration: DOOR
Let´s start by welcoming people home. How do you decorate your door? My friend Cristina from "Cristina Svihalek Manos Creativas" (Creative Hands) wrote a tutorial for us. A hint: take advantage of all the celebrations and save every cork you see. ;) We´ll make a garland for our door next Friday for my Creative Project.

* Check your pantry. Are any cans past their due date? Throw them out immediately!!! Do you have a gazillion jars of the same spice? Put them together and look for recipies using those.
* Stock up on Christmas essentials and a few basics (the dietists purists will wince at these): long life milk, sugar, tea, coffee, soups, flour.

Christmas tradition: CARDS
Have you seen Gigly´s tutorial for Christmas cards here? We are running out of time. Back in mid November I was talking about making my cards. Now I´m going for store bought. Same love, less stress. Works for me. :)

The images (except the food) were taken this Sunday and they are part of the December Views project.
Are you reflecting on 2012? Check these #reverb12 prompts out!

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Sian said...

Love above everything. Oh, yes.


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