Friday, March 29, 2013

Full Moon Board

Last month I fell in love with my board from the first image I chose. It tooked me just minutes to find them all and putting the board together was a joyful process.
This month didn´t take long either ... because I didn´t like any image! See? It has only a big image per side (I make double sided boards and keep them in a folder) and a few words.
Side A: the autumn look I´d love and pretty tea cup. From the top: in first person/ What can you do?/ the challenge (in the middle of her heart)/ weekly planner/ magic bag (both on her bag ;) )/ help someone/ cut and glue.
 Side B: Ideas to keep everything / I dared opening my own business (will I?) /explore your arty side. 


Everyday Things said...

may ALL your dreams come true for you and soon!

misteejay said...

Think you can do anything you wish to. Love the colours on your board.

Toni xx


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