Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #4

Welcome to the fourth week of my decluttering and organizing of home spaces series.

The project´s summary:
9 months to streamline your home spaces and systems
3 months for the practical spaces: kitchen, bathrooms, laundy room
3 months for the shared areas: entry hall, living room, dining room
3 months for the personal spaces: bedrooms, office, hobbies room
1 big task each week illustrated with my own pictures and daily {gentle} reminders, tips and cheering at my Facebook page. Like it to be able to receive them every day and record your progress with a friendly crew!

Theme 1: the practical / Month 1: the kitchen / Week 4: All things hot

Day 1: pots Check for cracks in the ceramic ones and rust points in the metallic ones. Are your teflon ones flaking? Are the seals in the pressure cooker too dry? Check and tighten all handles. Replace the ones that are no longer safe to use. Fancy new ones? Awesome, donate the old ones when you get them..

Day 2: pans Give the handles a good scrub and check if they are woobly. Get all your pans together. 

Day 3: ovenware. Check your glass and ceramic ovenware for cracks. Check your metallic ovenware for rust, that includes your baking tins. Replace the ones that are no longer safe to use. Are you collecting any type?

A personal story here: on the right you will see my old (old is an "I can´t even remember when I got it") glass ovenware. On the left the newish one (2 years of intensive use). Notice the difference? I never let the left one to pile up the burnt oil on the outside. It takes patience and a good metal sponge but washing it throughly each time makes the glass look prettier longer. :)

Day 4: burners. Get your gloves on darling, we are scrubbing the kitchen top today. 

Day 5: the day you have been dreading because you all knew it was coming, right? ;) The oven. Yes, INSIDE the oven. Get an oven cleaning product. READ the instructions carefully. Open the kitchen´s windows. Get a warm caddy if you must. Put gloves on. Apply the product. Follow the instructions.

Day 6: So far we have been doing practical lists on Saturdays. What we need to run the kitchen and food preparation smoothly. We will do a different kind today. We will make a WISH LIST. A long, detailed list of tools,  and electrical appliances we wish for. 

Want to take it further? Make a dream board for your kitchen! 
Gather magazine pictures that show how you want your kitchen to look like, the gadgets you wish you had, the cuttlery, the plates, the mugs ... Everything you´d love to cook/bake with, the serving dishes, the cute details. You can glue the images to a poster board or in your journal. You can also keep them in a box or a file for future reference.
Talking about files: you can also do this digitally, getting pictures from the net and making a collage with them or just keeping them in a file.
This is my "home wish" page for Jamie Ridler´s Wishcasting Journal.
  Day 7: your day off. Dream on! See you next week!

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misteejay said...

I love the dreamboard idea Paula.

Thank you for the lovely coment about my boardgame recycling - you are more than welcome to link to the idea for the 'game decluttering'.

Toni xx


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