Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How do you wish to lighten up?

Every Wednesday I participate in Jamie Ridler Studios´ Wishcasting Wednesday practice. Knowing what I wish for helps me guide my actions.

Today Jamie asks "How do you wish to lighten up?". You can participate too by joining the Linky party at Jamie´s prompt post.

These pictures were taken 20 years ago today.
As carefree as I look I admit I was quite ... how can I say this? Structured? Rigid? Up tight?

In January 2005 I had a melt down.
I could not comprehend how people could break the rules and get away with it. If I was told people were allowed 1 bag of a certain size on board of a plane, that´s what I brought on board. To see people with multiple bags and big coats shuffling my stuff around to make space for theirs was the tiny incident that put everything upside down. Years and years of complying with rules and being a "good girl" came crashing on me. I felt cheated.

I went cyber underground, disappearing from boards and lists. I spent two weeks mostly sitting looking at a Patagonian lake. Then I gathered myself up and started again. That´s when the teachers came into my life.

I somehow came across Leah Piken Kolidas and her Creative Everyday, who introduced me to Jessie, who introduced me to Jamie Ridler. I read, listened and learnt. I opened up, I lightened up.
I met Kelly and followed her lead on spiritual books. She is always a few steps ahead of me and I learn so much from the way she looks at life. I met Lisa who became my cybersister. I discovered Leonie Dawson´s work, Christine Kane and Danielle LaPorte.

I became bubbly and changed the way I introduce/present myself. I´ve always stood by my word but now in my midforties I have started to stand my ground and make my way. I dare to say what I think, even if it is not the popular view, which allows me to engage in conversations with cool artists like Quinn McDonald.

She can say things like:  Everyone who is living a real life makes huge mistakes, does not learn from them the first time, makes them again. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone who has not risked and lost.
The reason this blog has insights, tips, Aha! moments and how-to’s is because I made the mistakes it took to learn them. All of them. Several times over. It is more important for clients (and readers)—to know that it’s not how often you feel stupid, but how often you get up, dust yourself off and start over. Learning is the heart of creativity, and risking is the brain. 
And I learn. I lighten up another tiny bit.

My wish today is to lighten up by learning from these magnificent women and others in my life. And of course the ones I´m yet to meet.


Marie said...

Wow.. this brought tears to my eyes. I can so relate to your story. Thanks so much for sharing..

As you wish for yourself, I too wish those things for you..

Lindsay said...

Wonderful story Paula! The same happened to me... well not exactly like you but you know what I mean. :) Hugs!

joy said...

and Happy Anniversary xx

Sheri Conaway said...


Your post really brought things home for me. I, too, started turning my thoughts, and as a result, my life, around in my mid-forties. Now, a bunch of years later, I have left all of the negative thinkers behind me, connected with an amazing group of women who challenge and inspire me daily, and am on my way to following my passion!

What a relief it is to let go of so much of the society inspired baggage and just BE!

Kavindra said...

Paula! I cannot believe you were ever rigid ... and I cannot believe the continuing unfolding of the similarities between us - I am so rule based and rigid, I laughed at the description of the airling, because I am sitting there counting EVERYONE"S BAGS! Thank you for this, you again inspire me - I am going to try and become less rigid, more "the new and improved Paula-ish" xo cybersister Lisa

Lynne Wilson said...

Your honesty is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing Paula.

As you wish for yourself I also wish for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link. I think we are all learning from one another all the time. Big hug. K

Mystic Comfort said...

LOVE Leonie Dawson! And that last quote was awesome. I am going to have to go check out that blog. As you wish for yourself I also wish for you.

Fran said...

Lovely touching post, it told me a lot about the wonderful person you are. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

Shionge said...

Both of you still have that radiant signiture smile :) So cool and thanks for sharing.

Yes, this is our journey and we always learning from each other. Gaining strength and insight from others ;D

Ginny said...

Awesome post, Paula. I hope you are having a wonderful anniversary. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

Quinn said...

Happy Anniversary! A marriage that is successful is one in which you leave behind the people you were on your wedding day and grow and change and re-invent yourself. And you have done that so very well!

Hemal said...

Hi Paula,

Nicely put. I would say it's about having ones principles whilst also enjoying the beauty of a life with creative and playful abandon lol
Thank you for the reminder :)

AmyG said...

Happy Anniversary, Paula! Such a journey you've been on, thanks for sharing it with us!

Tracey said...

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!


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