Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #2.2

Welcome to the seventh week of my decluttering and organizing of home spaces series.

Soooo this was my bathroom cabinet, I will be working on this corner this week!
Day 1: shaving elements. Shaving foam, shaving machines, add depilatory creams and waxes. Check best before dates, blades and general state of boxes and tubes. 

Day 2: hair care. Check your shampoo, conditioner, brushes and combs. Have the next shampoo bottle ready and immediately buy the spare one when you start using it. Clean your brushes and combs.

Day 3: soaps. Put them all together. Still have that "nice" one you saved? Use it! Enjoy it before it gets dry.
This link is for all the owl lovers out there. Yes, it´s got to do with soaps too. :)

Day 4: deodorants and perfumes. Check bottles for rust or cracks.

Day 5: bath salts and bubble bath. Check best before dates and keep them together. 

Day 6: lists day

Day 7: enjoy your day off!

Do you enjoy candle lit baths?

The project´s summary:
9 months to streamline your home spaces and systems
3 months for the practical spaces: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room
3 months for the shared areas: entry hall, living room, dining room
3 months for the personal spaces: bedrooms, office, hobbies room
1 big task each week illustrated with my own pictures and daily {gentle} reminders, tips and cheering at my Facebook page. Like it to be able to receive them every day and record your progress with a friendly crew!


Anne said...

Oooh boy, this is one that I've been putting off. Things fall out of the cabinet when I open it up and I just shove them back in.

Gabbi Hanes said...

Surprisingly my bathroom cabinet is the one organised one in the house. I don't know why, but it's always perfect. Lol.

Dina Blas said...

I was just thinking about clearing out and organizing my bathroom space. Thank you for the tips!


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