Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 2013 summary / May plans

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. This is my fourth time around with the Pic-a-day project and at the end of each month I make a mosaic of the month´s pictures and also summarize it in numbers for the My month in numbers feature by Julie Kirk.  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it. 

I´ve taken  all of the possible pictures for 2013 so far, here are the 30 that I chose for April from the 150 I will be keeping: CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO MAKE IT BIGGER

* 150 pictures and 15 videos kept for April 2013

* (undisclosed)th birthday for mom
Checking my 50goals for 2013 that I wrote in January:
* 2 animé conventions: "Animé Legend", where we saw César Franco, Marisa de Lille, Ricardo Silva and Mauren Mendo and "World is Mine".
* 1 song sang by Tati at the convention
* 2 books by Nora Roberts read.
* 2 new places to eat: El candado and Wan Lin 
* 2 scrapbook kits bought at Giglykits

* 110 more Facebook fans! Yay! Thank you crew! 

Plans for May:
* For my decluttering and organizing spaces series I will be working in the laundry room. Check back on Sundays for very easy, doable tasks to streamline your home systems and find more time and energy to be creative! Want a reminder, tips and daily real life stories? Like my Facebook page.
* Second half of Sue Worthington´s Facebook Fan page Challenge
* I will make my Full Moon board with Jamie Ridler
* I will make a few scrapbook pages for my UKScrappers´team and a couple of cards


esellek said...

Happy human here :) I love reading what you are up to :) must visit one day ;)

Lynn Spiro said...

Hi Paula.

What a great idea to take pics for every day of the year! I love photographing a variety of things and think that's a great use of the photographs.

It's funny I saw your posts today as I'm into scrapbooking myself & card making - just never get as much time to do it as I'd like.

And my whole world is about organizing as I'm a Professional Organizer!

So fate led me to your post today, I'm sure of it!

Thanks for sharing.
Lynn Spiro

Julie Kirk said...

I love it when I find new places to eat! Always worth recording!

I'm going to guess that your goals are going well [they look lovingly presented!]

I've pinned you safely to the board now:

Happy May to you!
Julie :-)

Suzy said...

Looks like a busy month, fab pics

Melissa Stebbins said...

Well, sounds like you've got some good plans. Yay, for finding new places to eat.

And four years of pic-a-day is quite a feat. Well done.

Tamara said...

Great numbers for the month. Great to see that your photo a day are still going well.


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