Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #3.4 The ironing

A step by step project to declutter and organize your home spaces to make every day life easier. You can read past episodes here.

This month we are working on the laundry room. And today a dreaded task for most: the ironing.

For example, some time ago this was my main task for the day, the ironing mountain:
 I spent FOUR hours to make it look like this. You can see my scrapbooking layouts waiting at the back. *sigh*
Day 1: check your iron´s plug and give the whole iron a good clean over. Check the base as it may turn dark and stain your clothes.

Day 2: the ironing board. Does the cover need replacing? Clean the board legs and other metal parts.

Day 3: check your starch/clothes perfume´s supply. Have a spare one ready.

Day 4: check all your hangers. Do they have rough parts that might damage your clothes? Look at these cute hangers made by Lía from Taller Manufacta. Do you want to make colourful hangers for your home? Here´s a decoupage tutorial to make them!

Day 5: do you have a place to put your ironed/folded clothes before they go to their proper homes?
Day 6: Saturdays are Lists days. What has been on your To Do list for longer than two months? Is it really necessary? Get it into your planner, schedule it and get it done. :)

Day 7: enjoy your day off! What´s the plan? No plan sounds good too!


misteejay said...

I have a chair near the stairs so that it is ready to take up to where it needs to go.

I have to say, ironing is one of my least favourite pass-times.

Toni xx

Kelly said...

Um, it's none of my business but...are you ironing tee shirts? My tee shirts do not get ironed, though I do iron my linen dresses and button shirts whose collars and button panels get wrinkly in the wash and dry process.

Carolyn Dube said...

Great ideas about the ironing! Thanks!

Christina said...

Have you considered just not ironing?

Cath x said...

I just tend to iron as i need now as it got to the point that when i got the ironed garment out of the draw its as creased as before i ironed it!


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