Thursday, May 30, 2013

What sweetness do you wish for?

Each Wednesday I participate in Wishcasting Wednesdays at Jamie Ridler Studios. Here´s this week´s prompt and a place to link your wish to! Jamie Ridler´s prompt and link post.

Sweetness is already coming my way in the form of blogging interviews this week.

First in Delia from Blogformatting´s interview. Delia has a fab site for bloggers. I totally love her tagline: Helping women bloggers stay in their genius zone. She´s very clear and practical in her advice, with many actionable points per post. Go read the interview here and leave some comment luv too. ;) You can also follow her on her Facebook page.

Another sweetness in my "on line" life this week is a new award for Happysnappy. Susana from Diseña tu vida bestowed the Best Blog award on my blog! Thanks Susana! It´s an honour for me to receive it.

She also asks some questions about blogging and life:

1. What prompted you to start your blog?
All my crafting friends were starting theirs back in 2005. With my own I could go and visit blogs and other bloggers could come and visit me. An on line show and tell. :)

2.What does your blog provide you?
Fun! A warm, safe space to share my work. A place to save my memories. A gathering hub for like minded humans.

3. Where do you find inspiration?
Daily life. :D I write about what my family and friends do, the places we go to, the foods we eat, the adventures we have, the way I organize my home, the pictures I take, the art I like, the cool people I meet.

4. Do you plan your posts in advance?
I plan my guests´ posts so everyone has a space and also a {gentle} reminder just in case as some have been scheduled since January. I know I have weekly summaries on Monday for my a-picture-a-day posts but I need to wait till all the pics have been taken. I know there are Wishcasting posts on Wednesdays but need to wait till the actual day to have the prompt from Jamie.
Other posts like awards, my own guest posts and life events are written on the event.

5. Do you have new ideas for your blog?
Keep visiting and see! ;)

6. How long do you dedicate to your blog?
I loose count because I do it by bits with a lot of other on line and off line activities in between

7.When is the best time for you to create?
Late at night. I´m the owl type.

8. Which place would you like to see?
Tierra del Fuego.

Facebooking at Paula - Buenos Aires and scrapbooking. Oh! Both have "book" in the name. I love reading too and I´m a professional librarian.

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