Sunday, June 09, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #4.2 Clothing in the foyer

"Your entryway is the first and last room your guests see, so creating a welcoming and memorable space is key. An entryway is more than a simple doorway; it’s the space where the transition is made from the exterior, public world to the interior, private world. The entry or foyer also offers visitors the first view of your home, so its significance is greater than its size. "

 "In reality, this means that entryways are drop zones. Car keys, purses, grocery bags and backpacks — not to mention mail, cell phones, and shoes, coats and scarves — all end up being carried into in this space. Visitors are often squeezed in amid the many everyday items. Serving as a bridge between private and public spaces, a place to meet guests, and an area for controlling the clutter of everyday life is a lot to ask of one small space. Meeting all these needs without overwhelming either the room or the people in it takes careful planning."


What do you do with your jackets and accesories when you arrive home? Let´s find a place for everything so we can put everything in its place. :)

Day 1: handbags and backpacks. Do you have a place to hang your bag? We added a side table to the desk under the stairs for the kids backpacks. Don´t look too closely at the desk. ;) We´ll handle that next week.

Day 2: jackets and scarves. Do you have a place to hang your coat? What about the scarves? I usually wear lightweight ones so I wear them all day long and they go to their shelf at night. Nowadays more and more my scarves find their way to my daughter´s room. Lol!

Day 3: umbrellas Do you have a designated place for the family´s umbrellas? Do you have a place for wet ones? If you go back to day 1 and look at the side table you will see Tatiana´s umbrella and my own. Matias (17) has decided umbrellas are not cool and doesn´t use one and hubbie keeps his in the car.
Why this picture? you ask. Because that is the corner where our umbrella basket would have been if we had ever bought it! :D

Day 4: boots Picture this scene. muddy boots, wet shoes, nice clean floor. What do you do?
Day 5: hats and gloves. Do you have a special place for them when you arrive home? Do you put them immediately away?
Day 6: Saturdays are lists days.

Day 7: take a day off. Rest and do something fun.


Suzie Cheel said...

I don't have a foyer as such so everything lands on the dining room table :) I am on a program to hang everything up in it's place
Thanks for the inspiration

Rebecca Mugridge said...

I have just recently revamped this whole area!
I have two large containers one for school things and one for kids after school activities (swimming, tennis, ballet), I have a key rack, a white board for memo's and that has a mon - fri list on the bottom with what activity is on what day and a shoe rack underneath, it a medium sized wire rack and the umbrellas hang off the side.
It has seriously made life so much easier!
Great post!! XX

AmyG said...

Ugh. The entryway of our home is a "mudroom" where all manners of shoes and gloves and coats and such are stored. There's no way around it, although looking at these pictures really makes me wish that we could at least make it an ATTRACTIVE mudroom.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Suzie, we have an entryhall but not a closet so we need to keep an eye on chairs piling up jackets. :D

Rebecca that arrengement sounds wonderful!

Get the creativity going Amy G. :) Every romm can be "prettyfied". ;)

Mary said...

I do have a place for hats and gloves ... working on the kids actually getting them there. :)

Thanks so much again for linking up!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Convincing the rest of the family might prove a longer work than the actual setting. :D
My pleasure. :)


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