Sunday, June 16, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #4.3 You´ve got mail!

Yes, you do. Even with all the web based activities we still get mail. The paper kind.
How do you handle your mail?

Day 1: bills. I put them first so we can deal with them and get them out of the way. ;) Designate a "bills central" together with your cheque book, pen and stamps. Here you can pay your bills at places like  Rapipago. After they are paid file them.A few weeks ago I burnt 10 years worth of old bills. Want to see the bonfire? Check it out!
Day 2: catalogs and fliers. Just two words: be ruthless. Have a look. Interesting? Read. Put a Post it note on the things you want. Place it on catalog tray. Not interesting? Directly to recycle bin!
Old travel catalogs and fliers off to be recycled
Day 3: "real mail" letters (does anybody still get any of those????) and cards. Display seasonal cards (birthdays, Christmas, holidays, etc). In the search for space, toss the envelopes and keep the cards. That is if you are the memory keeper type like me. :D Show boxes are fine, pretty boxes are better.
letters to Santa 2005
Day 4: newspapers and magazines. After the newspaper is read it goes to the recycle bin. Magazines have a longer life. You can choose to get rid of each old issue as soon as the new one comes in, send them to the recycle center once per semester or collect the ones that have timeless practical information like needlepoint or antiques.

Day 5: outgoing mail. Designate a place for paper pad, envelopes, stamps and spare cards to keep them all together. Yes, I have an old fashion paper address book. ;)
Day 6: list days. Get your calendar, write in all the due dates for bills and birthday cards to be sent.
appointment diaries and lists
Day 7: your day off but I´ll give you a task. Write a Thank You card. Are you the daring kind? Write a love letter!

I´m paticipating in Mary organizes Link party . OrganizeMyLife_thumbnail6


GrowingUpMadison said...

Hi Paula, thank you for visiting my blog. We still do lots of mail. We haven't completely gone over to the e-billing era itself. Since my mom is a much older person she tends to write and send cards so we get those as well. I tend to toss them in the recycling bin or we'll have tons piled up as well. Hope you're having a great weekend. ♥ Madison

Samantha Gronemyer said...

I LOVE getting mail. It's my favorite time of day. I've made a big effort to keep it an important part of the day-- it's an excuse to be off the phone or internet. lol

misteejay said...

I love real mail (not bills) but as you say, it seems to be something that is disappearing - even the bill senders want us to do away with paper bills and do everything electronically.

I too have an address book - it is a great source of memories because it shows past addresses for friends & family.

Toni xx

Sophie Bowns said...

I hardly get mail! **Sad face** when I do, it's normally a birthday/ greetings card!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

How cool Madison! Oh, the joy of a handwritten envelope! :D

I love mail too Samantha. We have different companies coming at different times so it is quite unexpected when mail might come.

We (as a nation) are not big on card sending. E-cards are getting popular though.

Sophie, art mail swaps are great for getting something at different times of the year.


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