Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Super Full Moon Board

Women gather at Jamie Ridler Studios for her Full Moon post, to share our boards and let the energy for the new cycle flow.

Last month I said that my signature blue colour was back. It seems it´s here to stay for a while! Oh, my blue energy, how I had missed thou!
The words:
1. Define your product // Design space // A date with the roots of our identity // Expert // Some follow the trend, others meet with her for a drink // Good, pretty and well equipped // Conquer // You Tube info // from Buenos Aires

OhLaLá! // Collect them // Travel and create // Paths and flavours // Experiment the iPad // fruits for winter // hyperconnected kids // artist developement is the ability to practice without intention and letting the divine act through us // her silent work helps chnage the world
What I noticed:
Lots of "meeting" and focus with a hint of confindence in what I´m working on, a shy (at the very bottom) money mention, social webs. Fruits for winter was intentionally placed on the hips. Nuff said. ;)
No idea what the cups are. More meetings? More social? Both?

Out of sheer curiosity. Do you "see" me in these boards?

 Interested in making your own? Join Jamie´s studio (it’s free!) and you’ll get immediate access to her "How to Make a Dreamboard" workshop, which teaches you how to make your dreamboards with both intention and intuition. You’ll also get our collaboration for the 2013 Full Moon Schedule, complete with all the moon names and transpositions for the Southern Hemisphere (I´m a Southern girl so I took care of that!). You’ll get lots of other goodies too. :) Go to Jamie´s site here


Angie Bailey said...

Everything you are dreaming of is truly delightful and I hope all of these delights come your way and fill your life with joy!

Sheri Conaway said...

Sometimes, just tying it all together into a story is half the fun. Whether you do it with pictures or words, you tell your own tale and that is beautiful!

misteejay said...

What an interesting board this full moon. Yep, there are lots of cups so perhaps it really is going to be a month for socialising.

Toni xx

Sophie Bowns said...

A really interesting collection! You have a great way of describing things!


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