Friday, July 12, 2013

A different kind of painting

I´m an instant gratification kind of painter. 

I´ve tried aquarelles but the building up of colour takes time. I´ve also tried oils, but the drying times are not to my liking. My favourite kind of paints are acrylics. Specially applying them directly to the piece I´m working on which my painting teacher says is quite unusual and I´m the only one of her students that works this way. Trust me to be the odd one. ;) *grin*

I usually work on small size wood pieces or A5 paper. A4 being the biggest I´ve used with just one exception of a big cardboard.

Taking into account my taste for big, fast coverage I was truly happy with this painting project:

First we had to go through a deep decluttering stage to empty that bookcase. Many old magazines and frames found new homes through FB, boxes of letters and cards were purged and archived, old class notes went to the recycle bin. The sofa was moved downstairs.

The second stage was to remove the first layer of the wall paper, the decorative one which was easy enough.

The base layer was another matter. Armed with a bucket of warm water and detergent and a roller brush I got sections of the paper really wet and then scrapped it.

Whew! I see the walls again.

Mistake: we painted the bookcase over without realizing the varnish would prevent the paint to stick..  Lesson: sand all the wood surfaces.

We used water based interior sheer paint. Three layers of red later:
The other side of the attic. It doesn´t have a door and the fourth wall is a half wall. We painted the staircase white but have plans for a second painting stage. Stay tuned!


Enchanting Beginnings said...

The important thing is it's going to be YOUR space. That will be effort well spent.

Faye said...

That's a lot of painting, Paula. It's going to be well worth all the hard work you are putting into your project.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! It will be awesome to have a space for you, created by you... I bet you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Life With Lorelai

Just stopping by from the UBC

K'Lee Banks said...

Hi there! Stopping by from the UBC and Facebook! It's always fun to come to a blog with lots of pictures! Your adventure reminds me of ours from last summer - we painted every room in the house and did some remodeling along the way. Congrats on your project!

misteejay said...

The effort has been well worth it Paula because that now looks like a really fabulous space.

Toni xx

Corrine at said...

Sweet studio space, lots of painting, but worth it in the end. xox

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you ladies! In fact this is going to be hubbie´s studio. It is our first big painting project but we are planning to go on around the house! :D

MeOfCourse said...

Love it Paula. love the color.:)

denthe said...

Oh, I LOVE that bright red wall! Gorgeous color, and such a cosy room to sit and read.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ohhh yeahhhhh! I love the red walls.
Very Nice!

Giggles said...

Those walls look orange on my end... I love them either way...gorgeous with the while shelves... Sorry it's so much work! Will be worth it though!

Hugs Giggles

Anne said...

House projects always seem to take much more effort than you imagine when you start them, but they're so very worth it! And wallpaper... ugh, I hate stripping wallpaper. Just about every room in our house had some when we moved in (luckily most rooms just had wallpaper borders, much less scraping involved) and we slowly removed every speck of it.

The room makeover looks great so far! Hooray!


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