Friday, September 27, 2013

Shoes stories from my guest Giggles

With the change of season. I´m changing my wardobe and I´m taking this chance declutter a bit. This week my focus was on shoes. All types: tennis, boots, flip flops, sandals, the lot. 

And for this week I´ve been saving this guest blog post by Giggles from Happy Tiler. Fun shoes stories that go with her colourful shoe related paintings. 

Read on!
When I was three, long before car seats,  mom enrolled me in ballet lessons. Another lady drove us to the studio since mom didn't drive.  Dressed in a black leotard, ballet slippers in hand  I opened the car door  and fell straight into a very deep ditch. I was full of muddy goo and very traumatized. I don't remember ever taking another ballet lesson after that!
original done in acrylics
During the seventies I bought a  pair of very high platform sandals. Proudly strutting  out of the store down Granville street  I fell flat on my face.... a grungy looking hippie stood stared down at my stunned self repeating," Hey Man, what's happening man, what's happening?"  Meanwhile a suited business man, twice my age ran to my aid, scooped me up making sure I was okay! I hung my head, hobbled to the bus,  with my bruised leg and ego!

 When my daughter was five we went on holidays with my perfectionist cousin and her family. All day we swam in the motel pool and dined out each evening. One night we  arrived at the restaurant where my cousin proceeded to tell the story of her previous visit. She had mispronounced the  Grand Prix Burger, ordering a Grand Pricks  instead. Causing quite a commotion  in the male dominated kitchen. All the servers came out to to put a face to  the awkward blunder.....Just as the tears were running down my face in laughter at her faux pas..I looked down at my shoes only to realize I had mismatched flip flops on my own feet....They were completely different colors  and style.  We laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!  Seems like faux pas fox paws run in the family!!
Happy Canada Day to my Canadian Friends!
When I was young girl runners were about a dollar ninety nine with not much selection they were plain tie ups in either red, blue, black or white. I NEVER liked them. I pleaded with my mom to buy the stylish square toe five dollar runners. She balked. 
 After a lot of nagging and whining, (which normally never worked and resulted in a smack,)  she conceded! Every time I tried to wear those fancy runners she'd say "don't wear your five dollar runners" eventually I outgrew them in their near new state!   I have hated any kind of runners except Chuck Taylor converse runners ever since!!!  Which I have never worn either!

The only runners I ever bought Cupcake were a mock pair of high top pink chuck taylors, (now she has every color imaginable) but as we all know little kids get dirty. So I threw them in the wash and the navy blue stitching ran into the pink canvas, rendering them tie dyed. So I bought her an outfit  to match and she continued to wear the shoes anyway.  Everywhere  I went moms begged me to tell them  where I bought them.... now that's what I called a happy accident!!

When  Cupcake was a toddler she was obsessed with " My shoe book" She made me read it repeatedly. Not only was I a bad influence, buying her way too many cute shoes, she also had her own inbred affinity for them as well!! Yesterday she added two more to her obscene Chuck Taylor collection!!

Over the last five decades there is one comfortable shoe that I have probably worn the way people wear white runners, and that is the clog.... I loved clogs in the sixties and I still love them today!  Only now I wear a replica type clog in the form of a merrell

Cupcake was a baby who could crawl so fast I looked haggard chasing her!   One hot summer day her dad was sitting on the couch in his flip flops enjoying a television program when Cupcake motored up to his feet and munched down so hard on his toe he screamed. No toes were safe from that girl until she learned to walk!

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misteejay said...

What a fabulous article from Giggles - thank you Paula for sharing this with us.

Toni xx

Giggles said...

Thanks Paula you did a very nice job of putting this together!! Thanks for linking back!

Hugs Giggles

Victoria said...

Hi Paula..lovely spotlight on the fabulous miss Giggles!
Wishing you a beautiful season!
Happy Creating

Debbie said...

Very fun to see Giggles profiled here! I love all of her different shoes, along with her stories about each one. It's got me thinking about my own shoe history...

Beverley Baird said...

Loved your stories and your shoe art! Great fun post!

Ayala Art said...

Oh I love her blog!
I guess you guys are starting your warm weather, right? Good time to re organize stuff!

Theresa Plas said...

Gotta love shoes! How clever of Giggles to include those perfect quotes!

Linda said...

love this post and all those fab shoe paintings!!

Ginny said...

I love this post. Giggles is so talented!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

i love Ms. Giggles art work and very poignant posts, so I'm glad you chose to spotlight her work, Paula. Blessings!


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