Friday, September 06, 2013

Week #34 and #35 2013 What of your history do you want to remember?

What of your history do you want to remember? Jamie asked as a Wishcasting Wednesday prompt. 
This one, these past two weeks full of lessons on everyday life, weekend fun on a weekday, loving deeply and letting go.

Monday, August 19th (227/230): the third Sunday in August is Children´s Day in Argentina. At 17 and 14 my kids are no longer considered children but they are MY children so they got presents as well. ;) They both chose books and started reading as soon as we came back from the shop. The good point about them not being small kids is that they accepted waiting a day longer for their gift. :D
Tuesday, August 20st (227/ 231): it was a dodododododododonotimeforbreathingdodododo kind of day. Small tasks. A gazillion of them. No picture.
Food for thought: Can I slow down? Are the small tasks not "picture worthy"? A bit like that exercise: is this going to be remembered in a month? in a year? in a decade? in a century?

Wednesday, August 21st (228/232): grocery shopping in the neighbourhood. Casa Carnacini´s museum renovation is finished.  

Thursday, August 22nd (229/233): more neighbourhood scenes. Our neighbour´s tree in the sunset light. All the pods are ready to open. Some have alreadt started to fall. Spring is coming. :)
Friday, August 23rd (229/234): Mati had to sit for his Deutsches SprachdiplomThe DSD-Level II (DSD-B2/C1) is taken by students in the top classes in secondary school and is considered to prove that the students have the level of ability in German that is required to be able to study at a university in Germany. Too much excitement/nerves for a pic. ;)

Saturday, August 24th (230/235): the boys are back! David, Lukas and Marius came back from their Puerto Madryn trip and spent the day with us. Full day of football, voley, meeting the neighbours and bbq. 

Sunday, August 25th (231/236): we went to a small town that has specialized in bbq restaurants about 100km from home. Lovely day. Sun, blue skies, family, a craft fair. What elese can I ask for? Nothing, really.

Monday, Agust 26th (232/237): for September I´m planning on taking up journaling again. This is the perfect notebook. Pretty enough to be inviting, not too pretty so I don´t get attached. The plan is to write and rip the pages. The totally raw, no prisoners taken type of journaling..

Tuesday, August 27th (233/238): old fashioned games after school. No screens! 

Wednesday, August 28th (234/239): more fun in the sun! It was a joy to hear them laugh.

Thursday, August 29th (235/240): the three German boys brought me flowers. They are very different and each lovely in their own way. All polite, respectful and fun. Their Spanish progressed in leaps and bounds. My German is still bad but I got slightly better at understanding them. Lol!

Friday, August 30th (236/241): time for goodbyes at the airport. Deep friendships were built among these youngsters. 

Saturday, August 31st (237/242): new shoes for Mati who is going to his End of School trip soon. Another stage is coming to a close.

Sunday, September 1st (238/243): in the picture we are a family of four but now we really feel a family of five. :)

All these pics were taken as for Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve checked 238 out of the possible 243 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

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Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing!! I LOVE the idea of taking a picture every day for the whole year and think I will start that in 2014!!! You seem like you have a great family and I loved reading about them :-)

Caroline said...

It looks like you have a great family. I think it must be fun to take a picture a day. It probably makes you notice or appreciate things that you may otherwise miss. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

misteejay said...

Great photos Paula - I do so love seeing the shots you take of your neighbour's tree throughout the year.

Hope you have managed some quiet time after your hectic time.

Toni xx


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