Saturday, November 16, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 16 Past the "Half way there" mark

To get to my crafty working table, first I had to get rid of the ironing mountain piled up on it. And then the smaller but still significant pile of ironed clothes.

Although I like the sound of the "yummy mummy" style ... I´m not one.

Sometimes I clean (cook/go grocery shopping/do the laundry/hang the laundry/iron/cook some more/bake/do the dishes/scrub the toilets/you get my drift...) and think "What´s the point?" but then again I download/edit/write posts/get mails/cut/glue/embellish and feel antsy as I could be doing the housechores.

Totally worth it. ;)

A change of pace with the layouts, this is an 8 1/2 x 11 for my husbands pages made out of the last few scraps of a "For the Record 2" by Echo Park kit.
This is one of the layouts that started feeling Meh but got better.

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misteejay said...

Another lovely LO - you are doing so well with this challenge Paula.

I know you have set aside November as being time for 'you' but the rest of the year you are like Wonder Woman with everything that you get up to...I get exhausted just reading about it.

I'm glad you are taking this time to enjoy some crafting (although I'm sure you're doing all your other things too).

Toni xx

Tracy said...

Oh I hear you on the *domestic chores* vs. *creative fun stuffs*! I've learned to close my eyes (and set aside a dedicated time for the chore stuff) while I'm in dedicated creative mode. Sure, dust bunnies taking a nibble on your toes gets annoying but totally worth it. :) Love the layout!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Sometimes doing those "not so fun" tasks (like ironing) are worth it when you make space to be creative, like you did! :) I really like the layout that you did with the different elements.


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