Thursday, November 21, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 21 What do you wish for your prosperity?

For the past few weeks the word "prosperity" is coming up for me. From Jamie Ridler´s workshop where she will use the creative practices of dance and journaling to tune into the elements, open your hearts to receiving and invite prosperity to flow into your life to random blog posts and tweets. I like it better and better and might use it as Word of the Year for 2014.

For now I´m reading what other Wishcasters have to say about the subject. You can add your own wish at Jamie´s original post here.

My working table for Nov 20th.

A layout I thought I´d never finish and finally did, with papers I thought I´d never use and finally did. :D
In Year 5 the kids worked with their art teacher to create a self portraits mural. Tati was the most smiling of all kids. ;)

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misteejay said...

Well done on getting that LO finished. You have been so productive this month - Wow!

Toni xx

Maron said...

Very nice. Love the bright colors and that smiling image!

denthe said...

Great that you finished something you never thought you would finish. There must've been a reason why you kept it ;-) What a lovely idea that self-portrait mural!


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