Monday, November 04, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 4: Week #44 2013: Playing along

I am soooooo happy with my S4´s performance in low light settings! This picture was taken in plain Automatic mode. Awesome result. No edit, except for resizing to post here.

This is my kids´school UN debate model. All Year 3 must participate as delegates and older kids may take part in leading roles. My son has done the work in both the school´s and the national model for three years to be able to be president today.

 I´ve been trying different settings (Mode) which I´ll tell you about soon.
To push my limits outside of my comfort zone and keep the motivation up I created a Facebook group to share pictures of daily life taken with cell phones. Simple, fun and meaningful. Perfect for Art Every Day Month too! Wanna join? We are here! (click on link to find us)

And now the week´s summary for Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas. I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve checked 299 out of the possible 307 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Monday, October 28th (293/301): a visit to the library with my mom.

Tuesday, October 29th (294/302): my 14 year old daughter making a panda jacket with her grandma´s instructions.

Wednesday, October 30th (295/303): a close up of the UN project with my 17 year old son as the meeting´s president.

 Thursday, October 31st (296/304): YuGiOh trading cards.
Friday, November 1st (297/305): the prompt for the Life on the Go Facebook group was "tree". This is the tree on the other side of my street as seen from my front door. The Ceibo is Argentina´s national tree.

Saturday, November 2nd (298/306): our kids go to a bilingual school. On Saturday we went to a craft fair at school where we could also buy typical food and watch traditional dances.
Sunday, November 3rd (299/307): my working table, to have a record of AEDM

AEDM Day 3 Layout:

Working table on Sunday, November 3rd:
And this one is for my friend Toni. Here´s the over flow:

The daily phone pic prompt for Day 3 was food but I forgot so I took a picture of my father in law cleaning the disk where he made lunch. :D It´s all about creative thinking, isn´t it?

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great FUN too!
I love that you started up a Facebook group to share pictures of daily life!! Wonderful!
Healthy blessings!

Lily-Ann MacDonald said...

What fun! I noticed, though, that the photo for November 1st didn't display ... the caption said it wa to be of a tree, but there was nothing there. Ooops!

Your son sounds like a hardworking, serious young man ... I'm sure he makes you very proud.

Thanks for sharing ...


Julie Jordan Scott said...

I need to make my work area as neat as yours rather than looking like a tornado hit it.

I was also in Model UN. I loved it. Some of my non M.U.N. student friends didn't quite get my passion but PAH on them. I actually studied at the UN when I was in college which was a great adventure I still relive in my mind on occasion.

Happy Monday, Paula! Always happy to "see" you!

Snap said...

I enjoy seeing your *storytelling* photos. Such wonderful memories with your family. Happy AEDM!

Tracy said...

Hi Paula! Nice camera and you have been busy busy. Look forwarding to seeing your lovely creativeness this AEDM. :)

misteejay said...

Even your 'overflow' is tidy.

Great photos.

Toni xx

V@ said...

Great photos and appreciate your sharing them! Best Regards, Wendy

amar said...

lot of fun accompanied by nice clicks :)

Una said...

Wow, you were definitely busy! Great job and yes - such tidy areas for a creative person... LOL

Bonnie Gean said...

Such beautiful snapshots! I love pictures that you can look at and they tell a story! Don't you?

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me.... even though they're still shots! A wonderful camera! :)


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