Thursday, December 26, 2013

Word of the year: A story of seven years

I started my "word of the year" style with Ali Edwards in 2007

2007: NOW
Because it was time to start doing instead of only planning. It took me in the right direction.
That´s my hubbie and myself in 2007 as seen by our boy

My first choice was ABUNDANCE, just because everybody was choosing something similar and I wanted my share. It didn´t quite work out because it was not really MY word but it gave me perspective. A "there is enough " feeling that allowed me to give to others which led me to my true word: community.
Some of my cousins and their kids in 2008

By March I had to ditch it as it was driving me crazy, too much awareness was overwhelming.
Took my journal to the jungle in July 2009

My best experience so far. I found my word at the enchanted girl lake. I actually "heard" the word whispered by the rocks. I paid so much attention to what I was told and the opportunities offered that nowadays we call 2010 The Year of Change. 

It had a great beginning, making myself heard and taking painting lessons to express in other ways than with words. About September it diluted and the mad dash to the end of the year drowned everything.

Deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky. Keeping it in mind I expanded my tribe, joining new projects like Sunday SnippetsMy month in Numbers and Blogtoberfest , launching my blog in Spanish, connecting with new people on Facebook (come and play with me!) while going deeper with Jamie for Wishcasting Wednesdays and Full Moon Boards.

2013: ENERGY
All the fast forward movement in 2012 left me on the verge of burn out. I wanted to be more careful with my energy cycles. My energy was going to be my focus this year, starting by a "renewal" stage in January.
2013 was high energy but also high strung with my headless chicken crash and burn style taken to the limit. It became a "reactive" year with long To Do lists. Click here to have a look at all I did in 2013.

The busiest time of the year with the German exchange students home

Next week I´ll tell you my word for 2014!
Have you already chosen yours?
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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I will have to think of a word - thank you for the inspiration!

Beverley Baird said...

Love how you have detailed all your words and how they played out through the year.
I've chosen mine already - embrace.

Dina Blas said...

My word is Truth. Holding to what I believe in no matter what. I've already started by keeping my promises and letting go of excuses. :)


bookworm said...

I've never chosen a word of the year. But I know what it will be in 2014: "caregiving".

misteejay said...

Your words have certainly had an impact on you over the years Paula - it will be interesting to see what word will take you through 2014.

Toni xx

Kelly M said...

Thanks for reminding me of this. I didn't do it last year, but I'm thinking now that I should do it for 2014. I do have an area where my attention needs focusing. Let's see if the word will come to me.

Anne Butera said...

So interesting to look back at all your words, Paula.

I'm working on figuring mine out for 2014 and also looking back at past years, too, which is fun.

Curious to see your new word!

Happy Christmas and wishing you a wonderful 2014!


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