Saturday, May 03, 2014

Welcome to the Social Media Saturdays Linky Party, Week 17

Welcome to the Social Saturday and Sunday Linky Party!

Remember the Friday G+ Party I co-hosted in April? Well, every Saturday for the month of May, I will be the co-host of the Social Saturday Linky party that also runs every week of every month at The Ultimate Linky. Every week, there will be a Bloglovin linky party as well as two other social media linkups! The party will stay open Saturday and Sunday. Lots and lots of time to play! We will also do Youtube and Sverve one week and LinkedIn and StumbleUpon the next, and it will keep rotating every other week. The Ultimate Linky has link-ups for Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook on Monday - Friday. Just pick and choose what works best for you.

Let's get our party on!

  • Please add the button to your sidebar or party page. We also appreciate any shares that you could give! Thanks for your help in spreading the word!
  • Follow the directions down below!
The Ultimate Linky
You can link up your Bloglovin Profile URL here:
You can link up your Sverve accounts here:

You can link up your YouTube URL here:
Social media parties every day of the week!

Which platforms do you use?

My all time favourite is Facebook. I´m learning about Twitter and G+ and that is about my limit at the moment. I have a Pinterest account just for my own posts so far. I´m quite unsure about pinning somebody else´s work.

I´ve been a Blogger girl for 8 years and now I¨m considering a self hosted WP site. My own dot com!

Oh! And I have a nesletter as well, so you never miss a post and get some sneak peeks into my plans.

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Sian said...

Now this is an interesting idea.

I'm not a Facebook girl at all. I find it overwhelming. I enjoy Pinterest when I have a little spare time - most people are more than happy for you to pin their stuff, just as long as you credit it, honestly, try it :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´m a die hard Facebook girl. :D One thing we don´t have in common! Must be the only one. ;)


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