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How to use Pinterest to plan a party

Debutantes at the Debutante Ball in Tully, 1936 
Turning 15 for latin girls is a BIG event that deserves a BIG party. Imagine a wedding without a groom. Yes, that BIG.

The "quinceañera" party is the equivalent to the debutante balls, when the young girls were presented to society to find a husband of suitable social standing.

In recent years girls here started to opt for a journey, mostly abroad and mainly to Disneyland, bringing a whole new market for travel agencies.

My girl is 15 tomorrow! You can wish Tatiana Happy Birthday in the comments. :)

She chose traveling instead of the party and her chosen destination is Japan as she is very much into oriental culture, specially all the manga, animé and cosplay arts. As the proper mother hen that I am I think that at barely 15 she is too young for such a trip alone so she is going a little bit later.

In the meanwhile I´m planning a small gathering Asian style and that is where Pinterest comes handy to keep my ideas organized.

1) First create an account. You can find mine at: 

2) Click your name at the top for the menu 

3) The first block on the left says Create board. Click on that. 

Yes, I like animé too and have Miku as my Chrome theme
4) A small window opens which you can fill with information on your board. Choose something really descriptive for the title so you know what is inside each board. The description is a useful space for reminder notes. Choose one category. Decide whether you want to be shown in a map or not. I chose not to. The last choice is to keep the board secret or not.

Tip: if you are planning a surprise party keep your board secret! If the board is secret only you and the people you choose to share it with can see it.

5) Start adding pins to your board. Click on the first rectangle.

6) You have three options to pin from: the net, your computer or within Pinterest.

And off you go to search the web for ideas. When you first start in Pinterest is the best time to plan your boards.

Examples for a party:
* Invitations
* Food and beverages (yes, you can separate those if you have too many to handle)
* Party decorations (you big into themed parties? then: table settings, home decor, door wreaths, etc)
* Party favours
* Games
* Dresses and hair dos (it´s a GIRL´s party! ;) )

If you change your mind at a later date you can edit the boards and move the pins around. I´ll show you how to edit boards and pins next Wednesday!

See you then and don´t forget to say Happy birthday to my girl!!! ;)

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Michele D said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Love pinterest specially for looking up ideas on parties.

Kung Phoo said...

Happy Birthday!! I never thought about using pinterest in that way.. thanks for showing me the way.

Samantha Angell said...

Happy birthday Tatiana! Pinterest is useful for a lot of things and ideas- I used it for help with my wedding (like every other girl out there nowadays!)

Paula Parker said...

Happy Birthday Tatiana! Wow, what a pretty name. I think you are a smart girl, to choose travel as your birthday gift (for the future). You will learn so much. Speaking of learning, awesome tutorial about Pinterest! I learn a lot from your blogs!!!

Don Purdum said...

Great concept Paula. I love your creativity. I hope your daughter has a very special birthday. They are all precious as they get older.

Lisa said...

WOW This Is A Great Idea Love It Happy Birthday To Your Daughter Hope You All Have A Blast!!

bxcrochet said...

That is such a great way to organize a birthday party. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Michelle F.

tagsthoughts said...

Happy 15th Birthday to Tatiana! Great post on Pinterest ~ I love the secret board!! Found you on Blog Hobnob. ;) Have a fab weekend!

Amanda @ Growing Up Madison said...

Happy 15th Birthday Tatiana! You can use Pinterest for so many things. Gotta love Pinterest and those people who pin those amazing ideas.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter! I also used the same birthday surprise for my sister on her 19th birthday. It was fun! :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

I´m just learning to use Pinterest Michele, the ideas for parties are fabulous in there!

It is just like having clippings files Robert. :D

It is amazing the tools we have at our disposal now Samantha.

Thank you Paula. We chose the name when we had been dating for six months and she was born 12 years after that. :D I´m glad the tutorial was useful for you.

Don, you should have seen me today standing on a chair sticking clouds and rainbows to the walls. ;)

Thank you Lisa. More on the party later this month with all the deco tips.

Michele, I´ll post the pins that I got around to actually doing.

The secret boards are also useful for group information gathering.

Amanda, I see a future of pretty projects Pinterest hub. :D

Great to know your sister´s surprise was fun Rochkirstin! :)

FamiGami said...

I have a problem wrapping my mind around pinterest. I get that it's a collection of items from the web but I don't get how you can get anything out of it.

Rachael Yerkes said...

Happy Birthday! Pinterest is rad for party planning.

Franc Ramon said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and she is wise to choose travel over party as she gains a lot of good memories on trips and it's also a learning process on different places and culture.

Sharon Ruggieri said...

It never would have crossed my mind to use Pintrest for that! And I had no clue that more girls were wanting to travel, I think it's great and happy birthday to your daughter!

Kath Rivera said...

I also love pinterest! So many ideas that I'm sure everyone will follow and love. Happy Birthday!!!

Leira Pagaspas said...

Happy Birthday Tatiana!!! May you have a wonderful day..Great concept in using pinterest that way.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Happy birthday Tatiana!! Pinterest has a lot of good stuff.

Becka M said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is wonderful and full of happiness. I also hope you enjoy many many more such wonderful birthdays!

mail4rosey said...

What a great way to use Pinterest! Happy Birthday to your daughter. :)

Liz Mays said...

I never thought about planning it right on Pinterest. That is such a smart idea!

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

I've done this before. Well I've used it for a shower I was planning for someone

Plan It On A Post It said...

Great steps to planning a party on Pinterest. Happy Birthday to your little girl. For more event planning tips, check out my blog Happy Writing!

Patricia Woolverton said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I never thought much about using Pinterest for that. Thanks for sharing.

MyDomesticDish said...

Happy Birthday to your young lady!!
What a great idea- to consider her wishes regarding Japan and meet in the middle like that. Very cool.

Russ R. said...

I've been using Pinterest to help me plan the events that I do. It's always been useful and a good source of inspiration.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

FamiGami, you look at the pretty stuff in there and choose what you want to keep for future reference to pin on your own boards.

Thanks Rachel.

Thanks Franc. She´s been traveling since she was a baby. :)

Sharion, it is a LAtin girl thing. I don´t think Americans have the 15th birthday thing.

I used quite a few Kath.

Thanks Leira and Rebecca.

Thank you Beacka and mail4rosie.

I will be moving things around now Liz. From "To Do" to "Done" ;)

Fab name for a site. I´ll be over for a visit Plan it on a pOst It.

Still trying out things PAtricia. :)

It is my first Pintplanning Russ. :)


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