Thursday, February 12, 2015

The constants in your life

I came across a very cool concept: the “paper mentors”. Those are the teachers you learn from via books.
In my case I have cyber mentors that I learn from via the Internet:
Just an example: I have taken to having Jamie´s podcasts on shuffle while I cook/iron/do general housework. Somehow I always get what I need to hear. From an old Sisters´ Summit (Jamie has two sisters: Shannon and Suzie) I got the notion of  “constants”. What is a constant in your life from an early age? Here´s my list: my constants and me
WRITING: even before I knew how to write, I was scribbling. Make it age 4/5 for “real” writing.
PHOTOGRAPHING: had my first camera at 6, which was not that usual 40 years ago.
TEACHING: I started teaching my own classmates at age 8.
Soooooo, what do they have in common?
Words, pictures and souvenirs: I´m a memories keeper (that goes well with my scrapbooking).
Words and teaching, I´m an Aquarius, a knowledge transmitter.
Words and pictures, creative expression.
This is the essence of “me”.
Then it hit me, I´d been to my mom´s home some time ago and brought some old stuff home.
pencil (words) sharpener and a filmcase (pictures) keychain, both were souvenirs I had collected!!!!My faves
I had also brought a writing pad (words) with the logo of my aunt´s English studio (teaching).

vintage writing padWhat have been the constants in your life? All those things that have “always” been there.

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