Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another shark in the family

"My tooth aches as if it is going to fall", Tatiana said with worried eyes.

I had a look and yes, there it was. One loose tooth finally. She had been waiting for so long. Each time somebody looses a tooth at Kindergarten they are the star of the day. Both my kids have strong teeth that won´t fall easily.

And in closer inspection I discovered that the new tooth was already out. Just like Matías, she has a double line of teeth, the old one at the front and the new back back there. Like a shark.

In a few days time the Ratón Perez (Perez, the mouse) will visit her and leave her a bill for her. I need to make sure to label the bag with her name and date. So the mouse knows for future reference, lol!

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