Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shopping, books and a mighty hug

We went shopping yesterday. Ds´s first comunion (sp?) is next Sunday and I had nothing ready. Plus the birthdays and birth day presents.

We bought all the clothes for him: shirt, trousers, shoes. At first I was offered some school shoes, but they were too expensive for the use they are going to get, so we walked a bit more and found some nice ones within our budget. We also bought a pretty springy dress for dd. Dh was grinning when he saw his lil´girl finally dressed as a lil girl and not the pink tomboy look she usually wears. :D

The kids chose the presents for their cousins, so that has been taken care of too.

Today I went to the city center. Crazy, I tell you. I hadn´t been to the library for ages, fortunately they´ve known me for 20 years now (and I also worked there some years ago) so they still lend me the books even if I´m veeeeeeeeery late. ;) Got a couple of detective stories by Colin Dexter and a romantic one in English, plus two light books in Spanish. I was very happy to find the one by Roberto Pettinato. I listened to him every morning and his radio show is quite upbeat and cool.

After that I visited my new nephew and gave my cousin a mighty hug. He was SO happy with his tiny new baby boy. He showede me the gazillion pics he took in the last 24 hours. :D

Tired yet? It is only 2.30pm. :falldnlg:


Jackie said...

ooh another blog to add to my collection, I love reading them....yes Im nosy but I cant help it. Thanks for sharing on UKS

Jak x

Paula said...

Welcome! I love to have company. :)


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