Friday, September 30, 2005

A dream and a re-cap

Yesterday I had one of those loooooong walking/traveling dreams I have sometimes. I ended up at the University where I used to study Engineering. Through a window (which doesn´t actually exist, but hey! I was dreaming and I needed a window) I saw P and C, two classmates. They came out to have a chat and I had to tell them what I had been doing for the past 15 or so years. The last time P saw me was the day that I gathered my books in the middle of the "Software 2" class and said "That´s it. I am changing careers" after one too many snide comments from the teacher.

So, what have I been doing the last 15 years?

* I got my Librarianship degree, national gold medal for my career that year. I told you I was better with words than numbers.
* Worked for the Clarín, one of the main newspapers in my country (If La nación is like The Times in format and tone, then Clarpin would be The Mail)
* I married Daniel who was our classmate too. I do suspect C had her eyes on him at first. We were the only two girls in our class so we were VERY noticeable.
* I lived in the UK for a while, where I studied, worked and generally traveled as much as I could to see things. Add some shopping to the mix too.
* Came back just in time for ds to be born here and save us paper work. ;) Some people buy British Pottery as souvenirs, I got a Made in England baby.
* Got a house in Villa Ballester.
* Dd was born.
* Some working stints but a sahm as a day job (better make it 24/7 job).
* Learnt German, how to ski and how to drive in my mid thirties. Traveled a lot (that´s a constant in my life)
* Got into scrapbooking big time in 2000 when my friend Mónica showed me her book. Thanks sweetie! Now I am in cyber space a lot.

Not bad, uh?

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KimmyS said...

WTg DID do a lot!


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