Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why are women under SUCH pressure?

I am a sahm.

My kids are somewhat aware that not all moms are able to pick their kids and drive them and their friends around coming and going to/from classes, birthdays and other social outings. They just hand me the invitations and know I´ll take them there. They hand me their communications notebooks and know I´ll go and buy whatever they need for school. They tell me that the teacher said they needed to look up info about the native aborigins and I´ll give them a hand. ~~~BTW, what was that woman thinking? I told ds to do the search she had suggested: 78400 documents!!!!! Good thing I am a librarian~~~

Dh is happy to get home and find the kids bathed, the food ready and his clothes clean.

Am I happy? Well, no. I feel I´d love them to be able to say their wife/mom does something cool, other than run around like a headless chicken. Specially since so much was expected of me. The potential was inmense and saying I´m "just" a housewife is not enough.

Every so often I want to do it all, to have it all. And I just ... can´t. Why cant I be happy with the old fashioned role of a housewife?

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