Saturday, October 08, 2005

Little sleep and a day out

UKS´s Scrap Wars Crop is in full force. It started at 1pm yesterday my time. I could be there for the first chat and I was able to participate and even help a bit. My Jedi Knight Training Division role. :D

Your WHAT? You say. Let´s begin in the beginning. Scrap Wars is a cyber crop. There are two teams : the Jedis and the Scraptroopers. I am a Jedi. The Force chose me (that´s the automatic system by member number). Among the Jedis there are Jedi Masters (very experienced UKSers in charge of Divisions), Jedi Knights (those with at least a crop under their belt and who know their way around the boards and chat rooms) and the Jedi Padawans (learning stage).

We have a timetable. Thus we can follow the classes, the challenges and the games.

Yesterday at almost midnight I started working. I downloaded and worked on:

Class #1: May The Force by scrapdolly

Class #2: Luke & Vader by Shopperholic

Class #3: Anakin by Jennie.

I wrote the challenges in case I have enough time before Sunday 1 pm.
Now back to the battle.


Missy said...

Awesome layouts Paula. It sounds like you are having fun and the crop is a big success. May the force be with you!!!

Susan Wright said...

Just what I was going to say Missy. "May the force be with you". Congratulations on a successful cybercrop!


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