Sunday, October 09, 2005

wow x 13 and aha x 5

I finished EVERY class! Yes, all 13 of them. I chose 5 of the 11 challenges and managed to upload the last one with 12 seconds to spare before 1 pm (when the gallery closed)

Class # 4 Eewoks by Lushierat

Instead of the pic of me holding a teddy bear (as the furry eewoks in Star Wars) it has a pic of Alexa holding her baby bro. Not so different. ;) I wanted to make a pretty page with this but I am sure it would have been much much simpler and no tilting involved.

Class # 5 Deat Star by Fruitysuet

One of the big favourites all around the boards. I imagine every man, woman and child in the UK receiving one of these for Christmas. Once it is explained with all the measurements included, it is not as difficult as it seems. It is the perfect home for ds´s Kindergarten pics. I wanted to keep them all together (I have 4 since year 2 to year 5) and they were the right size for this project, so now it is completely finished.

Class # 6 Hans Solo by Debbie

Just like Solo declared his love for Princess Leia, this LO is about someone you love. It had the lyrics to a love song, I chose "God loves the children" which was my favourite hymn. The blank space is for ds´s First Communion pic, as soon as I get it from the photographer

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