Monday, October 10, 2005

Santiago´s birthday

Class # 7 Jedi by Amber Jane It took me ages to start this page as it didn´t work for me. I didnt have big pics I´d like to put with that design, so I changed it to 6x6, halving all the measurements. I used a coffee plate for the circle.

Class 8 X-acto wing fighter by Kew.

Class 9 R2Dyou by Kate.
A cd case book. As I didn´t have a tin I used an ordinary case. I loved the pic of my mom, dd and myself, so I chose to use that one at the top and changed the order of the pages design.

Santi is 8. Can you believe that?
We went to his grandparents home in Tortuguitas. Lovely day out with family and friends. The "small" party had 21 guests. :)

Before going to his birthday party we went to the shopping mall to buy his present. And ds bought what he wanted with his first communion money. He chose a driving wheel for the pc and also a kind of joystick. As he chose the one with cable instead of the wireless he had enough to buy a B-Daman too. As we bought one for Santi the battles were the highlight of the party among the children.

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Susan Wright said...

Happy Birthday Santiago. Sounds like you had a really special day.


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