Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ain´t it preeeeeeety?

I´ve got a Fandabbiedozie new watch! Have a look at the right side bar, under links.

Today is Cyber Thursday. Dh is back home, kids are at school and this computer is mine. :D

Got my The Beatles at the BBC cd with the volume up high. Let´s rock and roll babe!

So, where do my Cyber Thursdays start? At the blogs. I am surfing, visiting and posting. At one of my stops ( I jump from one blog to another through the links provided ) I discovered this cool watch. I clicked on it and voila! I was at the clocks site. Chose mine, had it tuned to my time zone and taking the plunge I copied and pasted the link. I was about to paste it at the bottom but decided that having it at a cooler place would be worth the risk of getting my blog screwed up big time. I could always start a new blog, lol!.

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