Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I´ve got Scrapitude

Out of the blue (at least unexpected for me) I got a message from Marja, the Scrapitudes team leader. She invited me to join their team. And that took me on a rollercoaster ride.

1. YES. This is an über cool team, the girls are talented and fun. They are very knowledgeable in stuff and techniques. I was honoured to know they consider my work load good enough for their standards. And that they think I might fit in all their bubbly chat.

2. NO. The Scrapettes had taken me in with open arms. And on my birthday too. I love MJ and Rachel. I have developed a friendship with them. Diz has always been kind to me, calling me their little ray of sunshine.

3. YES. The "room temperature" at the chat is not what it used to be. We lost a lot of buzz. Things are just too quiet for my present needs.

4. NO. The place I´d be taking was Ching´s. What if she decided she wanted to keep in touch with the Scrapitudes? I didn´t want to be on her way.

So I wrote to Marja, to Ching and to MJ. Fortunately they were all quick to answer my pms. Marja started the question round with the Scrapitudes members, Ching gave me the all clear and MJ gave me her blessing. Three lovely ladies.

Now I have a new blinkie. :D

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