Friday, February 17, 2006

Just as if I were caught up with my albums I started a new one!

I got this very cool book for my birthday: "The writer´s workshop".

It is a selection of 125 writers from all over the world in the last three centuries. Selected by an Argentinian it has a lot of national literature too. Each writer has a double spread, on one page his/her name, a B&W pic, a short bio (too short for my liking), some books listed and then on the second page quotes and a paragraph from a book. Very basic but it covers a lot of things I had lost touch with.

A bit like Marja going to her first craft love in minis, I went to my first love in books. I´ve been reading more and scrapping less. But this book plus a page in another one set me to create my own stuff again.

I´m working on a page about Isabel Allende, the first writer chosen for the book. I found a pic of me at 18 (BTW dh says I look about the same yea, right the man really loves me ) that was the time I finished "The house of the spirits" and I´m listening to eighties music. A trip down memory lane.

1 comment:

Marja said...

I think this is such an awesome idea for an album! I used to read a lot as a kid then stopped somewhere along the way. Am reading again lately but nothing intellectual!


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