Saturday, February 18, 2006

Writer #1: Isabel Allende

Daughter of a diplomatic, born in Lima (Perú) in 1942. Niece of Salvador Allende, former president of Chile murdered at the coup d´etat by Augusto Pinochet.

Her first novel "The house of the spirits" was written in 1982 and later made into a movie, starred by Jeremy Irons.

From "the writers´s workshop" by Francis Amalfi.

To know more about Isabel Allende in English, here´s her official site:

Here´s my page about her. Rather about my reaction to her writing.
Journaling reads:
I finished reading The house of the spirits in February 1985, four days before my birthday. From the plot I remember nothing except that there was a scene of romance and loss that made me cry, cry and cry. I never read anything written by IA again.

All the papers, fabric strip and button from kits by Scrapitude ( ).
Picture of me and my parents in Brasil the day of my 18th birthday.


becky said...

very cool page!! that is a great idea for an album to talk about your fave books & authors...

Paula said...

Hey Becky! Long time no see. :D
Thanks for dropping in, good to see you. :)

Marja said...

Oh my gosh, I know the pic is of you but it's amazing how much Tatiana looks like you. She looks a lot like you now but the resemblence in this photo is striking. Lovely family photo by the way :) Hurry up and do more pages, I need to see!!!


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