Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flag day

The play on June 20th was lovely. Matias as a young Belgrano (the man who created our flag) was great. And all the kids remembered their lines. There was also a very touching dance with flags by a group of girls (with a song the whole school knew so they all sang) and of course something football related. The play ended with a slide show with pics of all the kids in Year 5 with flags and painted faces with images of our flag in different places like at the top of a high mountain, a very poor school, the flag monument, all sort of events and a picture of our football team which had the whole school yelling with enthusiasm.

Before you ask: I took 69 pics.

Lisi tells young Belgrano (ds as our national flag creator) that the king of Spain has summoned him.

King Charles IV of SPain (Sebastian) orders Belgrano to go back to his land and gives him an important position and mission.


becky said...

how neat :)

Missy said...

That is so cool. Now that is a scrappable moment for sure. Congrats to dear Matias on his performance.


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