Sunday, June 25, 2006

The carrot is to blame

Ds and dd were munching on carrots while they watched the cartoons. ~Please note that they had already finished a pack of crisps too, so it´s not all healthy snacks at the K´s household. ;) :D ~

Suddenly excited /terrified yelling came from the living room and when I arrived I was presented with a soggy crumble of carrot.

"My tooth fell, my tooth feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell. Here it is", words came from dd´s mouth like a catarat. "No, darling, this is all carrot" I said, struggling not to wrinkle my nose, let the soggy carrot fall on the carpet or anything. "Then I swallowed it!", dd´s eyes were big in surprise and faint disgust.

She wrote a letter to Ratón Perez explaining the situation. Fortunately Perez is an educated mouse who can read and left her 5 pesos. ;)


becky said...

how exciting!! and wht a great toothless picture :) and a very smart mouse

Jen said...

LOL DD lost her first tooth when she banged her teeth on someone's head, playing. We couldn't find it so we said it must be embedded in the friend's head - looking back that must have sounded so creepy!! Cool pic :)

Maria said...

LOL bless her and good ole perez!!!;)

K3 said...

Awww bless, love the toothless grin :)

Marja said...

LOL my first tooth I lost was when I fell off a small mobile heating unit in our house. I walked into the kitchen to show my Mom and I was covered in blood and only half the tooth had come out. The next one was loose so I tied a string around it and did the slam the door with the string manoeuvre. I wanted the tooth fairy to leave me some money!

Tati looks so cute with her gap!

scrapdolly said...

What a sweetie and I am so glad perez was understanding

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »


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