Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In my shoes #5


I talk to my mom on the phone once a day. General "how´s life going?" stuff.

Dh phones me from work but not not very day.

Other moms phone about school stuff.

And Vivi phones just for a good old chat and a bit of gossip from time to time. ;)

Ds is getting more phone calls now. Homework and Internet games questions are the main subjects with his friends.

This is the one I use the most. I do a bit of H*******k and talk at the same time.

The second one is the downstairs phone. It is a traditional phone, so it´s the only one that works when the electricity is gone.

This is the studio phone. We got it before broadband times. That way we still had the talk phone and this one was for Internet access. We still keep it because the alarm system is not compatible with the broadband and we need to keep separte lines.

How many telephones have you got at home? Do you use them a lot?


Marja said...

We have 3 phones in the house, one on each floor. They are all cordless though so I guess if we have a power failure they won't work! I guess we can use our cell phones in that case but I never thought about it before, lol. Won't be long until DS has girls calling him!!!

Paula said...

EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK! Oh, my! Hadn´t thought about that! :O


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