Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let me introduce to you "Mi Buenos Aires Querido"

Buenos Aires streets and surroundings gather over half of the country's population and represent its political, economic and cultural heart.

This metropolis has its own identity and is open to world architecture, culture and art; it is cosmopolitan and controversial, dynamic and traditional, historical and avant-gardist.

The city is also plenty of tourist attractions: monuments, churches, museums, art galleries and theaters; squares, parks and gardens; modern shopping malls and antique fairs; budget and first-class hotels; regional restaurants and international cuisine; besides the ever-present enchantment tango brings.

Just let yourself go with the Buenos Aires lifestyle and be prepared to encounter an inexhaustible source of discoveries.

This is my city. This is home.

1 comment:

Zee said...

I would love to come a visit. It looks magnificent!


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