Friday, September 29, 2006

The banner

The day has come.

September 29th 2006.

Ds went away with his classmates for a week to the educative farm. They have their banner saying "We are going to VerĂ³nica" and their handprints. Sweet. Cool.

Got only 19 out of 23 in the pic (the rest arrived late!)

Funny thing, two mothers came to me and said "I forgot my camera but told dh it was ok because you were here". My happysnappy style is well known. ;)

Talking about mothers, I got them to pose for this one.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic - they'll have a brilliant time I'm sure. I can see a LO coming up of these shots...
Did you manage to get in the pic too? Lol!

jk xx

Paula said...

A layout? A whole album! Roflol!

Yes, I´m at the back on the right side of the mom´s pic. :)


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