Thursday, September 28, 2006

The headless chicken

Final headless chicken day before ds goes camping.

60 kids from Year 5 (three classes) are going to an educative farm for a week. Dh went when he was 10 too and says it was more than fab. Many moms and dads I´ve talked to still smile when the name of the farm is mentioned. :D

We divided ds´s list: one day for toiletteries, another one for bed sheets and towels, another one for clothes. Matias wanted to participate in both the shopping and the making of his bag. I´m so glad he was so into it. A friend of his told me "Nooooooo, my mom makes the bag. I need to do nothing".

We just got his bike ready (needed to print his number and put a green ribbon on it) and dh is taking it to school now.

I *think* we have everything except for the new socks. Socks, socks, socks, need to remember socks. *Paula goes away mumbling*


Jake said...


Did you get those socks hon...?


jk xx

Paula said...

I did! :D


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