Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My mom is my #1 scrapbooking fan

She spent 25 (yes, that´s right TWENTY - FIVE) minutes looking at the 10 (only ten) I finished this month.

She wiggled every ribbon, touched every embellie and praised every paper combination (even the yukkiest ) She asked me to talk to her about the process in doing certain things.

When I told her the pages couldn´t be that good because I got no reaction from the scrapbooking community, she gave the computer screen a good PBS (Paddington Bear stare)

Luv her to bits.


Anonymous said...

Your Mum is a blinkin star!

fuss her right now!
jk xx

Anonymous said...

For sure, mom's ROCK. So glad to hear you got some good page loving from you mom Paula.

Anonymous said...

wish my mum was more like yours.

K3 said...

Aaaawwwww bless her, what a fantastic mum you have!!

wendy said...

oh, your mommy ROCKS..... (and I love that!! Paddington bear stare.... I love that bear!!)


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