Saturday, October 21, 2006


The day started easy enough: ds´s Tae Kwon Do exam. We are now the proud parents of a green with blue tips Tae Kwon Do belt. As he was the highest graduation belt in his group he got to lead the forms and greetings. Dh was beaming.

Back home dh decided to paint the garage door. Plain and simple, right? Well, no.

First he needed to clean the door, therefore he "needed" a high pressure water thingie. We all went to the DIY store to buy one.

When he finished that he realized the difference in colour between the door and the arch would be too much. So he also washed the wall and ... it started to peel ... there I came with the metal tool to scrub the wall ... the rest of the front could do with a washing ... and peeling ... the porch as well ... Several hours later my hands are rough and my arms tired but we have a ready to paint front. Although it is now too dark to start the job.

Off to watch The 12 dancing princesses.


Anonymous said...

lol, hope you let him paint it all himself ;)

wendy said...

oh my!!! what an ordeal... Well, I guess its gonna look TERRIFIC when you're all done??? Can't wait to see it.


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