Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art Everyday Month Days # 7

Progress made on my stitching plus a single page layout. :)
Page of dh taking our ds to school every day in his Subaru. Based on sketch #3 from Pencil Lines

I had a lovely surprise today. When I arrived at the school gates my mom was waiting for me as usual on Tuesdays but this time she wasn´t alone. She had got one of her sisters with her. My family album got some extra loving today. :wub: She´s like my mom, reading every page and commenting on pictures, anecdotes, papers, embellies, the lot. :D Luv them to bits.


becky said...

that is so cool that you have someone close who cares! your mom sounds wonderful!

Paula said...

Hi Paula, isn't the world a strange place. At the end of last month I tagged a few people in the card making blogs about techniques as I had got to thinking about what I had/hadn't done in a while. I decided to do a new technique every day for a month not having even read your blog & seen you are on the same wavelength!!!
Great minds think alike or is it the "Paula" thing!!!! Fab work you are producing & I even thought about getting out the cross stitch & crochet hook to incorporate on my designs.....

Anonymous said...

Vin's fave car!! He's green with envy - he gets transported to school in my little fiesta! lol!

Paula said...

The Paulas are full of art this month! :D

Jakey, the kids go to school in the Subaru but come back in my tiny VW. Lol. And I take millions of their friends too. Amazing the amount of people the Gol can take!


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