Friday, November 10, 2006

Art Everyday Month Days # 8 & 9

We are going to Georgina´s birthday on Saturday, so I made her card based on Pencil Lines card sketch #1. All Chatterbox papers, sticker and flower from Villa kit.

We are going to see Erica at that party. I prepared a cd with all the pics dh and I took with our cameras at her 15th birthday party. {Some of them in the archives here, end of September} Here´s the decorated the cd case.


Paula said...

Love this CD case, how pretty.I like the papers.
I made a perpetual calendar in one but stupidly didn't realise how 3D I had done it & it wouldn't all fit in!!! Now it has to be in two & I did the months the wrong way round as a result......lesson to be learnt there me!

Paula said...

Oops, thought the card above the CD case was in a separate post.
I realy love this card. It is very pretty...
Your craft month is doing well. Mine keeps getting mixed up with the dares I'm doing & it doesn't look like I'm posting techniques...


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