Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is not going to be an easy week

It´s week 4 of The artist´s way and according to Julia Cameron this week ... I can´t read!!!

The theory says that if you can´t rest / hide / float in the written word then you will actually DO something.

Dh agrees wholeheartedly (sp?). He always says I´m the ultimate eternal student, but that I do nothing with all that knowledge.

I was very angry on day 1, not been able to do what I wanted to and doing things that were on my procastinating list but were the only ones left to do. *rolleyes*

I must confess I finished three scrapbook pages in these two days.

Another bonus is getting mom involved in some investigation for me. :D As I can´t read, she´ll do the reading for me and tell me about "mandalas". <---- a case of syncronicity, mandalas are popping up everywhere I look.


Caroline said...

Ah so you are doing the Artist Way book - good idea! - I found reading deprivation very hard when I've done it... but also very productive!

You have indeed got your feed to work - well done.

It would also help if you had your blog listed on your profile page - when answering your comment I looked for it there first but there are none listed. Luckily, given I hadn't been able to subscribe, I did remember which one you were on the FW list!

Caroline said...

Oh and good luck with the reading deprivation!

Paula said...

You are my cyber guiding angel! :)

Fixed that too. Thanks! :)


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